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Life From Any Angle: Humor Website

A humor website bringing you funny ways to do different everyday things like saying hello, waking somebody up, opening a speech, and more.





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  • The more money spent on "defense" (war) and not education the more war we will have in the future... being fought by idiots.
  • Goat it up baby!
  • replacement refs? #firsttakepick
  • @espn_firsttake nfl doesn't care because train wrecks still bring the eyes...
  • Though I thought I was taking my time, turns out it was someone else's! #humor #funny
  • Random, funny, and clever ways to get even... don't try these at home :)
  • The human psyche can be perceived in its entirely while watching your 42” TV and a commercial selling a 90” TV comes on #humor #infinity
  • Still waiting on the smell camera #humor #random
  • There was a time I hurried up and slowed down at the same time and ended up ripping in half....#humor
  • There was a time a hurry up and slow down and ended up ripping in half....#humor