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Frugi Organic Baby Clothes for Cloth Nappies

Specialising in colourful 100% organic cotton baby clothing especially tailored for babies wearing cloth nappies.





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  • The dreams of an organic clothing brand
    The dreams of an organic cotton clothing company to be the most trusted and desirable brand on the planet.
  • We’re off to Bubble London
        We’re all busy, busy busy here at Frugi HQ getting ready to go to the Bubble trade show in London this weekend! There’s lot’s to do, and no-one can wriggle their way out of it! There’s sewing, stuffing, cutting, painting, carpentry, clothes steaming, van-hiring, Roskilly’s fudge (yum)…and lots more to do! Unfortunately, it’s not … Continue reading "We’re off to Bubble London"
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    The Warehouse boys have got themselves a new project. Behind Frugi HQ is a little scrap of wasteland that they are busy converting into a picnic area. They’ve cleared the ground, and are busy getting it ready for some grass seed and some picnic tables. They have a dream of a little vegetable patch as … Continue reading "The new Frugi picnic and veg patch"
  • Frugi is off to London
    Some of the Frugi ‘Tomorrow’ departmant are off to that there London to talk to some of our customers about all things Frugi-ish. Technically this is known as a ‘focus group’..apparently. However, this being us, it’ll probably be just an excuse for a chat and biscuits! Th ‘Van’ that was hired turned out to be … Continue reading "Frugi is off to London"
  • Lucy Jewson to pose for playboy
    Following her recent success in the Saturday Telegraph magazine Lucy Jewson, 39, has been approached by the publishing giants Playboy for inclusion in their ‘Seen in Green’ feature that will be published this summer. The feature, which will see assorted high profile environmental activists posing nude whilst hugging a tree, is due to set the … Continue reading "Lucy Jewson to pose for playboy"


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