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Waxing Kara - Bee Inspired - Farm to Body

Waxing Kara Bee Inspired Boutique Raw Honey Beauty & Skin Care.





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  • National Brownie Day
    It’s National Brownie day! Celebrate with Waxing Kara with these two unique homemade brownie recipes! By now, there seems to be a National Day for every fruit, vegetable, dessert, side dish, main course, you name it, out there. At Waxing Kara, we like to shed a little light on these food holidays because who doesn’t […] The post National Brownie Day appeared first on Waxing Kara.
  • Honey Rum Cake
    In Paris, honey rum cakes are served in a variety of presentations. One bistro serves the cake with a full bottle of rum that you then pour over the cake to the desired amount. Another restaurant fills its rum cake with jelly, (as in jelly donut). One of my favorite presentations involves a puddle of custard that […] The post Honey Rum Cake appeared first on Waxing Kara.
  • Muriel’s Gingerbread with Honey
    Gingerbread with honey is a new take on an old favorite. When summer turns into autumn and the first few chilly nights set in, there are certain foods that I begin to crave. My mother was a chef with a particular talent in confections and pastry making. Warm gingerbread was a treat that she grew […] The post Muriel’s Gingerbread with Honey appeared first on Waxing Kara.
  • Fig Focaccia with Honey
    Fig Focaccia makes a great hors d’oeuvres any time of the year. Picture serving this Fig Focaccia at the beginning of a warm gathering of friends accompanied by some wonderful mulled wine. Did you know that the only difference between pizza and focaccia is the thickness of the dough? Instead of being baked immediately after […] The post Fig Focaccia with Honey appeared first on Waxing Kara.
  • Honey Banana Bread
    It happens all the time: we start the week with the best of intentions, we go to the grocery store, shop for all of our favorite ingredients with the idea that we’ll be making every meal and Friday rolls around and there we are with a bunch of over-ripe bananas. It’s so easy to make […] The post Honey Banana Bread appeared first on Waxing Kara.


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