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We make all types of personalized gifts for all occasions.





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  • What To Write In a Wedding Card
    You would think since you harbor all of these warm feelings for the newlywed couple, that writing a wedding card would be easy. Instead, you are staring at the beautiful, elegant, lovely card you chose; you have a pen in your hand and, your mind goes completely blank. You are not alone! While expressing feelings in writing comes naturally for some people, most of us struggle. Let us help out! The first thing you must […] The post What To Write In a Wedding Card appeared first on Personalized by Kate.
  • 6 Date Ideas for Every Occasion
    A romantic date can have very different meanings. First dates are one thing: having a one-on-one with your hubby (away from your kids) is totally different. In both cases, however, the goal is to create an enjoyable evening together. If you have just begun a relationship, or if you’re well into your first decade married, it is easy to fall into habits. Do the same thing, plan around the same places. Routine gives balance to […] The post 6 Date Ideas for Every Occasion appeared first on Personalized by Kate.
  • 8 Birthday Party Themes
    Birthday parties are fun. But you know what makes them even more exciting? A certain thematic. It does not matter if you are celebrating one of your kiddos, your husband, mom or grandpa, a little bit of flair and color always cheer people up! Although you may think that a party theme is a terrific idea, you may lack the inspiration to find the perfect idea. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some […] The post 8 Birthday Party Themes appeared first on Personalized by Kate.
  • 3 Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him
    Anniversaries are such joyous occasions. Celebrating another year of love and partnership is something to look forward to and what better way to show your appreciation for your guy and the love you share, than with an awesome gift. As well as you know him, sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for a gift. Hopefully this list of the top three anniversary gifts will help. 1 – Personalized Pint Glass A […] The post 3 Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Him appeared first on Personalized by Kate.
  • Valentines Day Drink Recipe
    Hey there! It’s already the middle of January and next up on the calendar is Valentine’s Day. This holiday usually means making reservations at some over-priced restaurant that will undoubtedly be incredibly crowded and where full menus aren’t usually an option. Let’s have a show of hands – who likes going out only to be able to order off a prix fixe menu and waitstaff that is only concerned about ushering you along so the […] The post Valentines Day Drink Recipe appeared first on Personalized by Kate.