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Retailer of global sports gifts and souvenirs. various sports including football, basketball and rugby.





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  • @jaywillo99 It’s only been 3 games lad! & you say we go over the top 😳😳😳
  • @PED7 Miley drop her price of the song too compete 😂
  • @benjwinstanley Too be with brands we get him easily now 😂
  • @THT1878 Yep farther brother and even my kids support that lot! It’s sometimes hard too enjoy any Everton success lol 😂
  • @THT1878 Also considering am the only blue in my family you can see why this bothers me more 😂
  • @THT1878 Yeah I totally agree baz, just annoying that it will still behind them lot... hopefully city will finally…
  • @THT1878 The sad ☹️ thing is them lot are gonna win league again god helps us know! 😱
  • @Mhd_RML @ManCity I really don’t get this! You never change team! You stick with though success & failure! Otherwis…
  • @THT1878 I sell too him too city 80mil ohhh tempted more too fact I think what we could do we that kind of cash 💰 🤔
  • @PED7 You just ours is gonna be the derby 😂