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Retailer of global sports gifts and souvenirs. various sports including football, basketball and rugby.





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  • @theesk But lack of pace is criminal
  • @theesk He's not getting sacked, they haven't got the balls plus we have give it some time to gel
  • @PED7 Too be fair martina played well, I felt it was better however no pace or striker! There not gonna sack him tell u that know
  • @ToffeeTVEFC Well he's the manager the result lands at his door, poor set up and poor choices Spurs didn't even need to work for the win
  • @ToffeeTVEFC Me too dcl should be up front
  • @PED7 Even Jamie says on reflection it's a red card, shame as the game was good, however am sure I can enjoy a few more city goals lol
  • @Pete_god_like @mattletiss7 Plus u said Rooney wouldn't score he's already on 2 lol
  • @Pete_god_like @mattletiss7 Err like the ox lol we brought ready made prem players, we just lack a forward, Pickfor…
  • @Pete_god_like @mattletiss7 No your club a joke lad lol
  • @Pete_god_like @mattletiss7 Not really they just got a new backer plus there owners rich, she's just doesn't like football