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Health Care HR Ltd

Offering several different recruitment services across the healthcare industry, from traditional recruitment, permanent placements, temporary and contract staff, to flat fee advertising.





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  • @AngelaMaiers We were so happy to have you at another HR conference! #HRHealthcare
  • @sslibbert We were happy to have you! #HRHealthcare
  • Hope you're all enjoying the conference! Let's make this a great last day. Keep tweeting your pictures and takeaways with #HRHealthcare :)
  • RT @JHopp12: Diversity is the right thing to do but it's proven that diverse companies have 35% higher profits #HRHealthcare…
  • RT @AngelaMaiers: I am so excited to deliver the closing Keynote for #HRHealthcare !
  • RT @CCampbell_HMS: Emotional Intelligence clues: self awareness, self regulation of emotions, empathy, and social skills. #HRHealthcare #E…
  • RT @JHopp12: Our first panel of the conference. My favorite type of segment. Thank you Natasha, Ovell and John for your preparation. #HRHea…
  • RT @JHopp12: Our BRAVE participants during this morning's chaos exercise #HRHealthcare #NotCluckingLikeAChicken
  • RT @CCampbell_HMS: Effective #employeeengagement starts with relinquishing control and allowing others to grow. #hrhealthcare #lookforchao…
  • @JHopp12 Happy to have you, Jason! #HRHealthcare