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Mike Stoner - Professional Magician

Magic and mind reading for parties, weddings and corporate events anywhere in the UK.





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Join the Conversation @MikeStoner1

  • Party for Panasonic UK last night #magician
  • @TwonRue Really? Wow! Whoever decided on that change has no understanding of comedy (or Fred Astaire!) In this joke shorter is NOT better!
  • A marquee full of magic! #magician
  • Angelina's wedding! #weddingmagician
  • @TwonRue Looking forward to your Newsjack episode 2 analysis! Pretty weak this week IMHO, interested to see your thoughts.
  • @JamesBondingPOD Dudes, are you gonna do my idea of top 10 sexiest moments in James Bond? If not why not - nothing wrong with being sexy!
  • Magic - ta dah! #magician
  • @elonmusk You make all the other multi-billionaires look like chumps! Thanks for making the future happen. Roll on tomorrow's launch!
  • Another weekend and another wedding! #weddingmagician
  • @Herring1967 That takes you to KFC!