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  • My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Retweet, 2 Retweet Reach, 1 Tweet. See yours with
  • My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 New Follower. See yours with
  • I defrosted my fridge and now everything is frozen. On the upside, FROZEN YOGHURT! =)
  • When you see the names Travolta, Swayze, Stallone and Estevez you'd think it has potential, right? Think again =).
  • Nice to see the feature I shot in 2012, These Final Hours, getting some coverage on The Project tonight.
  • Vale James Garner.
  • RT @Peter_Fox59: If Catholic Church Canon Law is recognised should we also accept Islam's Sharia Law, Jewish Torah or Hindu Dharma? One co…
  • RT @zaibatsu: Lightning at Cordón Caulle volcano in Chile. Photo by Francisco Negroni #photo
  • @itschrisonline Aren't those people the only ones that still buy papers? @Epigrammist
  • @Epigrammist Bob should clean his own fucking apartment.