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  • Coca-Cola Recycling
    Join Coca-Cola in helping the planet by recycling or donating your time to help a recycling program in your community.
  • Cure Recycling
    Recycle printer cartridges and cell phones to benefit pediatric cancer research and support programs, as well as the environment. Fundraisers available. Generous payout. Free recycling materials.
  • Electronic Recycling Association
    ERA is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing electronic waste through recovery, refurbishment and computer donating services with depots throughout all of Canada
  • Empty Cartridge Ltd
    UK based inkjet cartridge and mobile phone recycling service. Recycle cartridges from your office or school for charity.
  • Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd
    A recycling facility in Surrey handling fluorescent lamps and other hazardous waste including Mercury.
  • eRevival LLC
    Provide computer and electronics recycling services to individuals, businesses, government. also provide pickup services in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Michigan.
  • Hogarth Tyre Recycling
    Tyre shredders for the London and South East region. Recycling of wheel rims and casings.
  • Metalman - Scarp Metal Recycling
    Local scrap metal dealer with bin pick up service. Scrap metal recycling for public and commercial clients. Metalman will take scrap metal and recycle it according to global standards.
  • Recycling Appeal
    A charity based organisation that collects mobile phones, PDA's and printer cartridges for reuse and recycling, raising funds and helping the environment.
  • Reliance Scrap Metal
    Offering a collection and recycling service for all scrap metals within a 40 mile radius of the Poole, Dorset area. Highly competitive rates given with payment by cash, cheque or self billing.
  • Scrap Car For Cash
    A fast, reliable scrap car collection service is offered to anyone within the UK.
  • Shredding
    Mobile document destruction service providing an onsite shredding of sensitive, confidential data. Document of destruction certificate presented on completion and materials taken away to be recycled.
  • Waste Management Company - Cascades Recovery
    A leader amongst waste management companies. They not only organize and collect your large facilities recyclables but work tirelessly to protect the environment in the process.
  • Waste Recycling Technology - NTIC
    NTIC, global provider of corrosion inhibiting products, corrosion control management services and uses waste recycling technology to convert biodegradable plastics into value added products.