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  • A Guide to Alternative Naturopathy Treatment
    Learn how to prevent or treat various diseases using natural alternative treatment methods without any side effects or surgery.
  • Choose Natural Health Care
    A website devoted to natural and alternative health solutions, providing information about many common as well as articles about nutrition and lifestyle changes.
  • School of Modern Naturopathy
    One-year internationally-accredited diploma course in naturopathic nutrition. Taught online by acclaimed natural health expert and author Linda Lazarides.
  • Texas Naturopathy
    By following the natural laws as set forth in traditional naturopathy, you can achieve optimal health by correct diet, proper exercise, clean environment, good attitude and clean water.
  • True Nature Health Clinic
    Dr. Lena Kim, ND and Dr. Danielle Williamson, ND, Naturopathic Doctors in Edmonton, Alberta, helping you to find solutions to your vital health concerns.