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  • Free Meditation Techniques
    Meditation is an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life. Learn how to meditate with free meditation course.
  • Meditation Yoga Pilates
    Provides information about what to expect in yoga, pilates and meditation classes as well as practicing at home. Primarily designed for folks new to the meditative practices.
  • Mountain Institute
    A Lamplighting and Kriya Yoga meditation school offering free meditation classes in the tradition of Sat Guru Audle Allison.
  • North American Fulong Dharma Centre
    Learn TWDD meditation a powerful tool to unfold your inner peace - to develop true happiness. TWDD meditation-Tibetan Buddhist Meditation/Yoga practice. Weekly Sessions - Oakville, Ontario Canada.
  • Sahaja Yoga
    Sahaja Yoga meditation centers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad Region, photo gallery, art gallery, online magazine and yuva shakti section.
  • Sahaja Yoga Radio
    Free online radio featuring Sahaja Yoga music, songs, bhajans, Indian classical music, meditation music in mp3 and mp3pro formats.
  • Sunny Ray, Guide through Spiritual Development
    Spiritual Development Guide, excerpts from the book "I am who I am", spiritual instructions, Seven Light Rays-Meditations for the New Age.
  • The Work of Maitreya Ishwara
    An invitation to connect with Maitreya Ishwara, a fully awakened teacher of Truth. Satsangs with Maitreya.