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  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Consultants - Quantis
    Provides businesses and governments worldwide with tools, guidance and knowledge for achieving sustainability by mastering their life cycle and reducing their environmental impacts.
  • Green Element
    This consultancy is an environmental organisation that advises organisations on how to develop their relationship with their environment.
  • Hawkeye Energy Solutions
    Near Chicago, IL, Hawkeye Energy Solutions is dedicated to energy savings through the use of energy management, energy monitoring and building systems design solutions for managing energy resources.
  • Leosphere LIDAR
    Specialized in LIDAR (laser-radar) atmospheric observations. Remote measurements, up to 15km, allowing a real-time tracking of: particles, clouds, atmospheric structure and wind.
  • Noise Check Ltd
    An ISO 2738 accredited firm specialising in noise measurement, acoustic sound insulation and air leakage testing.
  • Partrac Ltd
    A dynamic environmental consultancy specialising in marine and freshwater monitoring. One of the worlds leading providers of particle and sediment tracing technology.
  • RACO Alarm Autodialers
    Providing remote monitoring, reporting, and control functions over telephone network. Alarms can be reported to computer, standard phone, cell phone, pager, or voicemail system.
  • Terrafiniti
    UK sustainability and CSR (corporate social responsibility) consultancy providing services to businesses worldwide on strategy, training and reporting.
  • US Energy Group - Home Energy Systems
    The company's mission provides Energy Management Systems (EMS), integrated controls, fuel measurement and delivery verification, and online monitoring.
  • Waterco
    Focused on water related projects including: flood risk assessment (PPS 25), flood consequence assessment (TAN 15), river modelling, drainage problems.