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  • 50 Plus Fitness Walking
    Walk, feel fit again. Overcome leg, knee surgeries, back, foot pain with simple fitness walking. Two 50 plus'ers show you how.
  • Body Building 4u
    Provides valuable information on bodybuilding, fat burning, mass gaining, home fitness equipment, supplements, exercises and much more.
  • Faithful Workouts
    Combines expert fitness instruction, nutritional advice and encouraging Christian support. The Christian Workout Routines use effective exercises, Christian music and inspirational messages.
  • Fitness Blogs - Greatist
    An online resource that provides articles, news and tips for individuals looking to improve their health and fitness habits.
  • Fitness Programs for Life
    A unique approach to fitness using The Alexander Technique. Programs designed to keep you moving with less effort, fewer injuries and with more confidence and zest.
  • Fitness Tips
    How to be healthy and keep a positive attitude by doing exercises. You need to know about a fitness program, equipment, diet and nutrition.
  • Green Fitness World
    Site dedicated to everything green fitness and natural fitness. Also includes informative articles on eco fitness, green workouts, green exercise, and bodyweight exercises.
  • Health Writer
    Sharon Kirby, a freelance writer specialising in health and fitness, presents examples of her work.
  • Isometric Training
    Your Guide to the secrets of the scientifically proven method for doubling your strength, blowtorching fat and building a lean athletic physique faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Netsweat
    Fitness resource featuring exercise equipment, fitness apparel, plus size fitness clothing, and information on fitness.
  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Solutions - The Rehabilitation Room
    A site written by professional therapists dedicated to sharing information and solutions for pain, injury and physical rehabilitation problems.
  • Physically Trained
    Contains tips and advise on physical fitness with information from the United States Army.
  • - Pilates News & Articles
    An online community for Pilates instructors and studio owners that offers news, product reviews, teaching and business ideas.
  • Lead an Active Healthy Lifestyle
    Supplies everything you need for an active lifestyle. Providing a lifestyle community and advice on sports, running, health and fitness.
  • The Art of Training
    The Art of Training is a resource written by John Roderick to help people with self-improvement both mentally and physically.
  • The Fitness Motivator
    This site provides information and inspiration to help those with busy lives achieve their fitness goals.
  • Toning Exercise for Women
    Exercise routines, diet plans, fitness ebooks and resources on fitness for women from fitness expert Nitin Chhoda.
  • Workout Routines That Work
    Information, instruction and motivation on workout routines and the most effective ways to quickly and efficiently get in shape.