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Mackenzie Hi Fi

A dealer of high end cables, audiophile components and accessories. Based in Northamptonshire, with over 25 years of audiophile solutions experience.





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  • “Donald Trump Is the President America Deserves” by @danozzi
  • @MarkW_CSI @linnproducts You can't be too careful when protecting Seismic Technology!
  • Gents, if you have £10k to spend on amplification, want the best at £5k/£6k to beat £10k - Allegri & Mono Block Potente's please come on in.
  • Townshends Seismic Podiums - Hi Fi+ Product of the Year "2016" - But of Course!
  • @MarkW_CSI @linnproducts Oh that's funnnny! If you'd have been Ivor, I'm sure he'd have invited you in for a chat. Can't all be that lucky1
  • Hope you saw the amazing review of Quadrals Chromium 2 Speakers. A small speaker that presents a giant killing sound.
  • New High End Speaker cables & Interconnects coming soon from Townshend. The long awaited Allegri Remote controlled Pre-Amp available soon.
  • Remember SRA, they still rule the cable world! Remember these super reviews;
  • Found out, there are only 2/3 Rock 7's left on the planet. Get em now, as no more are to be made! A new high performance deck will follow.
  • Hi. Chatin to Max the other day, he was integral to the "Sound Capture," of a Rafael Todes, esteemed Hi Fi reviewer's musical performance!