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clearFusionCMS Content Management System (CMS)

clearFusionCMS is a content management system (CMS) built on top of our own PHP / MySQL framework, fusionLib, providing a highly optimized solution for content management. fusionLib and therefore clearFusionCMS loads only what it needs as it needs it, this gives a very small footprint and optimal performance. clearFusionCMS development is also not limited by development teams that we can't control, we control all the code and therefor the direction of the CMS.

clearFusionCMS Content Management System is mobile-friendly out-of-the-box. This CMS has been been built using our fusionCSS framework, providing you with a responsive layout for mobile & larger screen sizes. This gives you the ability to start your website project out on the right path by continuing to use our fusionCSS framework or using the popular Bootstrap CSS framework.

We don't just create the application we use it every day. This site is run on clearFusionCMS, and now our clients are switching over too. It makes sense to use a product that works well & is easy to use!





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  • Easy-to-use online #eCommerce - #shop #cms #responsive
  • Our new addition ... Property search made easy! #realestate #cms
  • clearFusion Digital (@clearfusion5) & clearFusionCMS have been rebranding. When you see our dots, you know it's clearFusion :-)
  • clearFusionCMS V3 is now available as well as performance improvements it's sporting a fresh new look
  • clearFusionShop V2.0.2 has been released with support for PayPal Payments Pro and Braintree payment gateways ... now more choice! @braintree
  • clearFusionSHOP now supports Stripe as a payment gateway #cms #shop #ecommerce
  • .@stripe I found the API easy to work with & the flow fits perfectly with our cart module. Access to the logs in your admin is cool
  • .@GetControlApp interesting idea, as a cart vendor is there any integration to do from our end or do you just link with the gateways?
  • We're now supporting @stripe as a payment gateway in our #ecommerce platform
  • V2 of clearFusionCMS & clearFusionSHOP available for download along with updates to blog & more #cms #ecommerce #shop