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UK's leading confidential information destruction company offering secure, reliable paper / document shredding, hard drive / media destruction services.





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  • offers great info about schools and career paths. You can also to the source – ask an #infosec blogger. #chatstc
  • A12: Check out for tips all throughout #CyberAware month, and beyond. #chatstc
  • A11: Every job has the opportunity to be a #cybercrime fighting career, but #IT/network security is particularly important. #chatstc
  • A10: Biz and gov must lead by example, but consumers are also responsible for knowing how their data is being used. #chatstc
  • A9: 3 simple ways to avoid #cybercrime: -Use encrypted WiFi networks -Keep your devices updated -Stay on top of the latest scams #chatstc
  • Save these! MT @stickypassword: A8 Resources for when #CyberCrime happens to you: #chatstc
  • A8: In the US, visit to file a #cybercrime complaint. In Canada, report to @canantifraud. #CyberAware #chatstc
  • @WUStopFraud Great point - there's no such thing as too secure. #chatstc
  • A7: #Cybercrime can happen anywhere – at home, at work, when shopping, or when using public #WiFi. Don’t get complacent. #chatstc
  • @jschwartz2511 Well put - completely agree! #chatstc