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SmileTutor Home Tutor Agency provides qualified home tutors in Singapore at the lowest tuition rates in Singapore. Engage home tuition for all levels ranging from preschool tuition up to JC tuition.





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  • 3 Reasons Why MOE Teachers Are Quitting Their Teaching Jobs
    Highly regarded and well-known all over the world, Singapore's education system has become famous as a pressure cooker for everyone who’s involved. While lots of discussions have been held regarding education-related stress students face as well as the ways to deal with it, the pressure put on teachers usually remains unnoticed. Meanwhile, a lot of educators have already left their jobs, with the number of resignations slowly but surely increasing year after year. Let’s look at what’s behind the sad statistics and how it is possible to help the cause.
  • 7 Steps to Give Better Tuition Assignments
    In Singapore, parents perceive tuition as a “safety net” according to Jack Loo, Nexus Link chief methodologist. Last year, the Straits Times reported that 7 out of 10 parents in Singapore opt for tuition for their children to increase their chances of success in today’s competitive environment. As much as the education sector benefits from this trend, it puts considerable pressure on tutors, who struggle to cope with the rising demands of parents wishing to see quick results. There is plenty of help material available for instructors in the form of study guides, online tutorials and courses. However, improvement might be observed in the student’s performance if more attention was paid to the structure of tuition assignments. Here are a couple of ways you could rethink the purpose of the tuition assignments you hand out to your pupils...
  • GCE ‘A’ Level or IB – Which is a Better Choice For Your Education?
    It can be nerve wrecking when it comes to choosing between ‘A’ Levels or IB. Which is a better choice for universities admission? Is IB better than GCE ‘A’ Level? What are the factors to consider choosing between IB or ‘A’ levels? Well, we have the answers for you. As you all know by now, the Singapore – GCE ‘A’ Level was introduced in 1969, a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the University of Cambridge Local Examination Organization. Its primary purpose was to prepare Singaporean students for undergraduate admissions.
  • Getting Ready for Your GCE O Level Results 2017?
    The GCE O-Level examinations, also known as the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination, is conducted in Singapore annually. The examination is completed by students in preparation to post-secondary education and its results will ultimately dictate what type of post-secondary school students will be able to attend. This can be a Junior College, Polytechnic, or ITE. As the GCE ‘O’ Level results day draws near, O level students and their parents can become very anxious. This time of year can put a lot of stress on both parents and children. A lot of people receive the results without doing the proper research and understanding what the exam results mean. In order to reduce the level of stress associated in O-Level results; here are 3 things to keep in mind when you collect your GCE O-level results.
  • Best Paying Jobs for Recent Graduates in Singapore
    Young graduates have recently struggled all over the world in the post-recession period. In fact, a recent research by the British Institute of Fiscal Studies, has shown that millennials today are only half as wealthy as the previous generation was at the same age. Inflation, low economic growth, recession and various other factors have contributed to a system were students need to work smarter, harder and better in order achieve a good lifestyle and a stable income. There are not enough jobs for graduates and many young adults have to work extra hard completing internships and other jobs before becoming more competitive for the job market.