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SmileTutor Home Tutor Agency provides qualified home tutors in Singapore at the lowest tuition rates in Singapore. Engage home tuition for all levels ranging from preschool tuition up to JC tuition.





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  • Warnings Signs of Bad Teachers – Parents in Singapore Should Know Of
    Last week, we talked about the 5 Things All Great Private Tutors in Singapore Have in Common. While our readers loved the article, they also comments about how some tutors and teachers they had were far from desirable. Indeed, cultures all over the world honor teachers because they nurture the untrained minds of their students and contribute to their mental growth. A good teacher is as much a treasure as a good education. However, not all teachers are good. In a popular article by Dr Michael S. at, he points out how some teachers degrade certain students by singling them out and publicly shaming them. This can dramatically lower a student’s self-esteem and severely traumatize a child.
  • 5 Things All Great Private Tutors in Singapore Have in Common
    Finding the best tutor for your child is no easy task. With all the options available for you to choose from, it can be a daunting experience to find the one that’s right for your child. Each tutor will have a different style of teaching. Many tutors use tried and true strategies of teaching, while others have a more modern style. Regardless of their teaching style, all good tutors will have certain characteristics in common that allow them to be successful in their trade. When choosing a new private tutor or enrichment centre, make sure to evaluate the tutors and take the following characteristics into consideration.
  • The Importance of Breakfast Before School for Children in Singapore
    What if parents could give their kids a magical pill in the morning to make them healthy, well-behaved and smart in school? For such a pill, it would be flying off the shelf of a local pharmacy. While there are no such pills, there is something powerful: breakfast. Research confirms breakfast being the most important meal for everybody, not just kids. It boosts children’s health, academic achievement, cognitive development, and mental health. A new study in Singapore reveals that 1 in 3 primary school children in the country skips breakfast once a week, and this deprives them of the most significant benefits the morning meal plays. Over 30 years of credible research has demonstrated healthy breakfast’s impact on brain function and energy levels for school-aged children.
  • How to Create a Well-Balanced Life for Your Kid in Singapore
    Many children are put under immense pressure of studies as they advance through higher classes. An international research by Jacob’s foundation confirmed that as children get older and experience stress and fatigue of education, they develop a distaste of going to school and generally get bored of ‘mundane’ life. For the proper well-being and grooming of a child it is important for them to take part in after-school activities that can excite a child, provide them with a creative impulse, enhance their social skills and provide them exposure to life. With recommendations from teachers and our private tutors, listed below are our top 5 after-school activities:
  • Facilitating 21st Century Learners
    Landscape of the 21st Century The world has evolved majorly in the last few years, and with it so have the people who live in it. Thinking has radicalized on a political, social, and economic forum. Now we not only think about things differently, but we also approach them with an entirely diverse mindset. In order to keep up with today’s rapidly shifting landscape, each and every person has to approach problems with a direct, focused goal in mind; a solution has to be found, and quickly. From where do we inherit this way of thinking and application from a young age? There is one simple source: our school. This means that in order to radicalize the way people think and act, you need to condition them, and this is exactly what schools do. In fact, schools are now adopting an entirely different way of teaching; this is necessary if we want to move along with the times.