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SmileTutor Home Tutor Agency provides qualified home tutors in Singapore at the lowest tuition rates in Singapore. Engage home tuition for all levels ranging from preschool tuition up to JC tuition.





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  • Importance of Play in Early Childhood Education
    A lot of people would characterize ‘play’ as an activity that’s opposite to ‘work’. Still, more and more present-day educators are trying to enrich learning with games and entertainment. If you think that’s only because younger students aren’t yet mature enough to learn new things ‘in a serious way’, think again. Play is not just something your kids would grow out of someday. It has proven to be an imperative part of studying. Let’s look at some of the reasons why. What does play do that is so important to early childhood education?
  • Past vs Present: Do Singaporean Kids Have Better Education Than Their Parents?
    There are many advantages of being an intelligent kid. Smarter children perform better in schools; they can get scholarships and intern ships and eventually build a better life for themselves. That is why every parent wants their child to be smarter, healthier and more successful in life than they were. In many instances, parents work very hard to provide their children with the facilities and opportunities they themselves could not get it. With so much effort being put in, every parent wants to know if their child is doing well in studies, if their child will be successful in life? And if not, how can they contribute to helping their children a better future?
  • PSLE Changes Over the Years And How it Affects Our Kids
    No doubt you already know that 2021 will bring us significant changes in the Primary School Leaving Examination. Specifically, the good old T-score system, the same that’s been in use for decades, is going to be replaced by the so-called Eight scoring bands or Achievement levels (ALs). Where does it leave us? Well, no one knows for sure. According to our Prime Minister, the new system is supposed to reduce the exam-related stress that young adolescents experience now. Still, many believe (and it’s not without reason) that the upcoming changes in PSLE will put even more pressure on students.
  • Can’t Get Your Child to Study? Here Are 5 Tips to Motivate your Child to Study More.
    Sometimes, getting your child to study can be challenging. Parents often feel responsible for our children’s future. As a result, we try and attempt many different ways to motivate our children – with little to no results. Why is it that no matter what methods you use, you can’t seem to encourage your child to study better? What are the methods that are more effective? This guide will provide 5 informative tips to motivate your child to study better. These 5 tips will not only teach your child to be motivated but also teach you how to influence and inspire your child to study better.
  • Be Outstanding in Your Field: What It Takes to Be a Great Tutor
    Are you a seasoned tutor or new to the world of tutoring? Tutoring is a great responsibility but can also be an extremely rewarding experience especially when your students succeed under your tutelage. If you aspire to become a great tutor, just know this - successful tutors are defined by their ability to routinely improve students’ academic performance and increasing students’ self-efficacy. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? However, the question remains: What does it take to be a great tutor?