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thinkmoney Personal Account

The thinkmoney Personal Account is open to UK residents, aged 18 or over. There are no hidden fees with the account, just a set monthly fee.





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Join the Conversation @thinkmoney

  • @Katys1981zzz Hi Katy. Yes, there is. You can find out more about Sort Codes here - Thanks, Kyri.
  • @adrianm9685 Brilliant. Steve
  • @adrianm9685 HI Adrian, you can find all the information you need here: Thanks, Steve
  • @CrosierDan OK, please try the text service. Text 'BAL' to 81122 or 07786200077. Thank you, Steve
  • @Falkirkbairn6 Yes, all credits will go into your account as normal. Steve
  • @CrosierDan We've no reported issues. What are you looking to do? Steve
  • @MyBankIsAwful Please can you send a picture, as a private message, to show the text you're referring to. Thank you, Steve.
  • @MyBankIsAwful Please let us know which ones aren't working for you and we will review them. Thank you, Ian
  • @lee_douglas0207 Hi, our wait times at the moment are around15 minutes at the moment. Thank you, Steve
  • @lauren3589 Once the payment has left your account then it will be dependent on the crediting banks timescales. Thank you, Steve