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LaffGaff Funny Jokes

Clean short jokes and other humor including witty quotes and trivia questions. Joke categories include one liners, funny comebacks and insults, pick up lines and many more.





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  • I dreamt I had to write my own epitaph. That’s a grave sign. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • How do you make gold soup? Put 24 carrots in it. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • I came home from work yesterday to find someone had stolen all my lamps. I was delighted. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • My neighbor’s in the Guinness Book of Records for having most concussions. He lives very close by. In fact, only a stone’s throw away.
  • My wife has a whale tattooed on her ass. It used to be a dolphin. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • I got a parking ticket for being parked illegally. I've no idea why. The sign clearly said, "Fine for parking". #funny #jokes
  • Cop: Whose car is this? Where are you headed? What do you do? Miner: Mine. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • Never give a donation to anyone collecting for a marathon. They'll take the money and run. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • Why was the jazz movie rated R? Too much sax and violins. #funny #jokes #jokeoftheday
  • To this day, the boy who used to bully me at school still takes my lunch money. On the plus side, he makes great Subway sandwiches. #jokes