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Glasses Direct Online Optician

One of the UK's biggest online opticians, Glasses Direct offers a wide array of vision correction aids and information.





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Join the Conversation @glasses_direct

  • @HorseyGalKaz Thank you :) Do let us know when it arrives!
  • @HorseyGalKaz Hi Karen, sorry to hear this. Unfortunately we do have to allow 7 days for Royal Mail to deliver in c…
  • @chris2803 No worries, let us know how you get on :)
  • @mattitude Oh good, glad you found it! :)
  • @mattitude Of course, what's your order number please?
  • @chris2803 Thanks! Let us know if you have any problems at all and our Opticians will be more than happy to help out
  • @chris2803 You may need to get used to the new prescription, but you've got 30 days to return them if you have any queries :)
  • @IConfuseTheTwo Thanks! Your order's in the lab and should be with you next week :)
  • @IConfuseTheTwo Could you let me know your order number please?
  • @NathanSwatton There's a few different variables, it might be best to call us on 01793 746601 so we can have a chat…