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Glasses Direct Online Optician

One of the UK's biggest online opticians, Glasses Direct offers a wide array of vision correction aids and information.





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Join the Conversation @glasses_direct

  • @Talor_Gilchrist Excellent! Let us know how you get on with them when they arrive!
  • @BelmoreBandB .. posted to you today. We're just waiting on the third pair to come back from the Lab now, which hopefully won't be long!
  • @BelmoreBandB I'm really sorry to hear this as we are quoting up to 14 days at the moment. 2 pairs are ready, I've asked for them to be...
  • @lastdollardress Morning! They're currently in stock and available to purchase. All lens options seem fine this morning as well :)
  • @Penny_Baker_1 Morning, it looks like it's working ok now, but do let us know if not!
  • @Penny_Baker_1 That's very odd and probably a glitch with a particular frame. What are you trying to order?
  • @IRDavies90 Orders are taking between 10-14 days at the moment, so your order should be ready by the end of this week.
  • @Penny_Baker_1 We can access it fine this end. Are you still having problems?
  • @SiobhanLouiseT Don't worry - as you've ordered a trial we'll honour the code if you can't order before it expires.
  • @SiobhanLouiseT Sorry, not now the order is in process. You'd either need to cancel the trial and re-order, or order a further trial later.