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Pixel Hero

A background in e-commerce and conversion rate optimisation allows Pixel Hero to design and build websites which will convert your visitors more.





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  • RT @BSSW2017: Be sure to visit our great exhibitors @PremierEdgeIT @pixel_hero @PhysioElite @peepbizpsych @danpeninsula 17th May @ashtongat
  • @KenKenhall65 I dont expect DPD to give me protection if they outsourced work to me but you expect is as SE under the same conditions?
  • @KenKenhall65 Youve chosen to be SE, if you want protection from them then become an employee. Youre asking to run…
  • #selfemployed Why not become a Limited Company if you think you're getting screwed? Dividend Tax went up too you know. #Budget2017
  • @KenKenhall65 Corp tax does not effect whats in the business owners pay checks. You are comparing your salary with business profit.
  • @AlexMoore2001 companies have to pay for employees holidays. Theyre not free. Businesses are not pockets, directors still got tax increase.
  • @KenKenhall65 Their employees have not got a tax increase. Employees do not pay Class 4 NICs which are being increased.
  • @JamesMelville directors of businesses will be getting charged £220 more in Dividend Tax. Money inside a business is not in someones pocket
  • @andyverity Really skewed comparison, self-employed still pay far less tax than any corporation will.
  • A novel way of doing a survey using #chatbots try it out (no marketing spam I promise) #Webdesign #webdev