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Available Conference Rooms

There's a range of conference rooms available to join, just select your Jabber clients option for joining conference rooms and if needs be enter the service name.

Note: conference rooms are not moderated.

Rooms on: conference.2chatnow.com

English language lounge room with no set subject.
Web design and development discussion in conjunction with the Web Development Community.

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Because 2ChatNow uses the open standards you can use just about any Jabber client to connect and chat with your friends. There are Jabber clients for all major operating systems and even clients for mobile devices so you can stay in contact on the move.

If you are away from your computer but have access to a compatible web browser you can login via the web based chat.

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Chat with your friends by adding their Jabber ID to your roster. You can chat with users on virtually any Jabber server, even Google Talk.

Staying Safe Online

Remember there is no guarantee that people you talk to online are who they say they are. Therefore don't give out personal information and don't arrange to meet people in person by yourself.

Below are links to several sites that deal with online safety:

Remember, online you can always close your chat client if you don't want to talk to someone.