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Securing mortgages for contractors and freelancers based on contract earnings alone.





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  • We've got more #ContractorFriendly lenders on our books than ever. What's hot? #Offset mortgages!
  • Spousal #dividend distribution; #BuyToLet; Ltd Co pension contributions. How optimal do you #extract your profits?
  • There's more than one type of #offset #mortgage. Which one's right for contractors?
  • Drawing #dividends at higher tax bands: three safe steps a #contractor can take:
  • Don¬ít feel pressured into a #tax planning #strategy. If optimal extraction's not for you, just say so:
  • Here's an example of how the much (wrongly) maligned #offsetmortgages for work so well for #contractors
  • Did you know that some lenders let you #offset up to THREE savings a/cs against your #mortgage balance?
  • Optimal salary and #dividend split for single- and multi-person limited company #payroll structures:
  • Offset #mortgages for #contractors simply work. Why are they so misunderstood by our community?
  • Aargh! #Dividends! All contractors draw them. But do you optimise the way you #extract yours?