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Self Employed Mortgage Experts

A specialist firm of mortgage advisors, focused solely on arranging mortgages for self-employed borrowers.





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  • #NewbuildMortgages Tip 6: the cashback catch: check how much you can borrow AFTER #cashback!
  • Clever. Osborne's #BuyToLet changes will push many contractor landlords into the higher #tax bracket 0_o
  • #NewbuildMortgages Tip 5: don't fall for dubious sign-up #tactics on a development site!
  • We know how to package an #application so that an underwriter sees your true new-build #mortgage affordability
  • If you see more than 5% #discount on offer for a #newbuild property, proceed with extreme cautioun. Here's why:
  • #NewbuildMortgages Tip 4: if you want a newbuild, make sure the #home is, like, actually new 0_o
  • Recent reports suggest 1 in 4 #BuyToLet landlords have sold up. Are #contractors advised to do the same?
  • #NewbuildMortgages Tip 3: don't freak when developers ask for 25% deposit (but you can get #90LTV here):
  • Want a brand #new home, but fed up with High Street rejection? Then it’s time to change #direction:
  • RT @SaffronBS: Nip in to our Haverhill branch to pick up a Christmas raffle strip for £2 - already £520 raised for Haverhill First Responde…